Salmonid Restoration Federation

Coho Confab Registration and Camping

The 23rd Annual Coho Confab at River’s Bend Retreat Center on the Navarro River will focus on flow enhancement planning to improve habitat conditions for coho and water supply reliability for landowners. Orientation presentations will include Ridge to River: Rethinking & Retrofitting for Rehydration, by Brock Dolman, Program Director and co-director of the Water Institute, Occidental Arts and Ecology Center as well as presentations about successful flow enhancement strategies including flow augmentation, and current flow enhancement approaches that are being employed in the Navarro watershed. Field tours will include tours of large wood placement projects in the Navarro and Mendocino Coast, a flow enhancement workshop and tour of water storage projects, and an outing to Ten Mile River Estuary/Floodplain Restoration Project, which is geared for coho and steelhead recovery on the Mendocino Coast.

This event will largely be outdoors.  The registration cost includes all meals and camping is $30 per person per night. Cabins and shared retreat houses will be available for $85-$100 per night per person on a first-come, first-reserved basis. To learn more about accommodations, please email [email protected]

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